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Part time day shift vs full time night


Hey all! I'm looking for advice and any input!

After a long and gruesome search, I found a hospital job through an open house. I got hired part-time nights and I'm nearing the end of my orientation.

I'm hearing that two positions will soon be posted. Part-time DAYS, and full-time NIGHTS.

I know first hand how a full time position is hard to come by.

However I have a couple of concerns.

1. The hospital isn't too far from my house. However, when I accomodate for rush hour traffic and lack of parking in the area, I must allow myself over 3 hours to get ready and drive. That means less sleep. I also caught myself dozing off behind the wheel this morning --- on a highway. :nailbiting:

2. Down the road if I decide to look for a job elsewhere, what looks better experience wise? Working on days? Or nights?

I honestly prefer days. I just feel stupid to pass up an opportunity for a full time position.

Any advice? I'm all ears!

What do you need financially? If you can tolerate nights (mentally, physically) and you need the money from a full time job and the benefits...that would seem the best answer.