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Parkland Internships

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Hey gang,

I'm new to the site. I'm interested in Parklands Critical care interships that they have. If accepted, how does it work? Do you get paid while your doing the internship? I also saw that they had an option to enroll in grad school at U.T. arlington at the same time. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



but I was hired into the NICU rather than adult critical care area. Yes, you are paid during your internship period, both for clinical hours and education hours....they even paid for an NCLEX review course for us and paid us to attend! Parkland is one of those places that you either love or hate, depending on the day. I absolutely love the variety of patients that we see and all of the different experiences that we get.....there are days that it seems like a good option would be to move on....thankfully, those are few and far between and I imagine would happen anywhere. Their pay is very comparable with the other hospitals and in some areas, the diffs are better. Good Luck, and if I can answer any other questions, just ask.



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Thank you so much for the info. I just got the application package today. Only one problem though. They require a 3.2 gpa. and I have a 3.1. Do you think I should still apply? Is this internship highly competitive and sought after?


I don't know how many spots they have for that internship, but when I was looking for jobs last year, it became clear when I talked to others that if you had Parkland experience, you would be sought after!


I accepted a residency in SICU at Parkland. I start on Jan. 11. I am a new grad BSN moving from Louisiana to take this position. We will be paid during the residency. I know that you are interested in the critical care internship, which is a different program, but I would be glad to let you know of my progress. I am extremely excited about the opportunity. I have heard nothing but good things about the education and experience gained from this facility. I do know that the earlier you apply for one of the positions the better chance you have of getting a spot. Good Luck on getting a position.


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Thank you so much! Keep in touch to let me know about your progress. What kind of GPA do you need for the residency programs?



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Those who were in the CC residency or internship, can you tell me how it was?

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