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  1. I often search for what is new in Parish Nursing. This has long been a dream of mine. To keep it in my thoughts, to dream of to accomplish my goal, and to share with my colleagues; I am posting this following website with it's many tid bits of information and links:

    Parish Nursing
    Congregations have been promoting health and wholeness for centuries through worship, music, sharing and caring. A new dimension is the addition of a registered nurse to the ministry team. The nurse assists members of the congregation to become more aware of their health and move toward a fuller sense of wholeness.
    - from The International Parish Nurse Resource Center
    Parish Nursing is a healing ministry that responds to the health and wellness needs of church members through a holistic approach--body, mind and spirit.
    - from Parish Nursing at First Presbyterian Church


    A PARISH NURSE IS NOT JUST A NURSE IN THE PARISH! By Marcia A. Schnorr, R.N., Ed.E., LCMS Coordinator for Parish Nursing - Human Care Ministries - Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
    A PASTOR'S MANUAL ON PARISH NURSING Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
    Catholic Spirit, Austin - Parish Nursing Program Article from Catholic Spirit, official newspaper of the Diocese of Austin, TX
    CHAUSA: The Catholic Health Association of the United States Parish Nursing Forum
    Congregational/Parish Nursing Villanova University/College of Nursing
    Elim Care - Parish Nursing Elim Care Ministries, Eden Prairie, MN
    Essays on Parish Nursing Standards of Parish Nurse Practice - A Presentation at the 5th Annual National Parish Nurse Conference - St. Louis, Missouri by Janice M. Spikes, R.N., Ph.D
    Health Ministries and parish nursing: christian workshops.
    Health : Parish nurses spread preventative services, consultation, education - 5/28/97 Article By Rhonda Bates-Rudd / The Detroit News
    HMPN Parish Nursing from The Synod of The Covenant representing rural and urban communities in Michigan and Ohio, and a few churches in Kentucky, Indiana, and Wisconsin - one of 16 synods of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
    Interfaith Basic Parish Nurse Preparation Course In collaboration with Newman University, the Center for Congregational Health Ministry will be sponsoring it's 2nd Basic Prep class August 6-12, 2000. This course is the from the approved content authorized by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center in Park Ridge, IL.
    Interfaith Health Program - Emory University - RSPH
    International Parish Nurse Resource Center
    LCMS - Texas District Parish Nurse Ministry Of The Texas District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
    Links to Parish Nursing Center for Congregational Health Ministry
    Love INC
    MU Nursing: Parish Nursing Marquette University
    Nurses Christian Fellowship InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Nurses Christian Fellowship
    Nursing Bulletin Boards for all Nurses Parish Nursing Discussion
    Nursing for Nurses - Specialties : Parish
    Nursing Texas Department of Health
    On-going Community Series Explores Parish Nursing
    Open Directory - Health: Nursing: Specialties: Community Health: Parish
    OSL Parish Nurse Program Our Savior's Lutheran Church
    Parish Nurse Center for Congregational Health Ministry
    Parish Nursing at First Presbyterian Church
    Parish Nursing College of St. Benedict + St. John's University
    Parish Nursing Courses, Conferences & Continuing Education Resources
    Parish Nursing First United Methodist Church, Fargo North Dakota
    Parish Nursing:for Body and Soul Center for Congregational Health Ministry
    Parish Nursing in Paisley, Oregon
    Parish Nursing Links Selected Links to Information about Parish Nursing
    Parish Nursing Option Valparaiso University College of Nursing
    Parish Nursing Program Lutheran Social Services of the South, Inc. - Austin, TX
    Parish Nursing Program, Building a Healthier Community Florida Hospital
    SCHOOL OF NURSING MSN - Parish Nursing Concentrate Capital University - Columbia, Ohio
    St. Francis Parish Newsletter - Parish Nurse The Parish Nurse - New Ministry at St. Francis
    Texas Medical Center Institute of Religion
    UCC ONE HEADLINE NEWS: Parish nurse at national church offices one of a growing number in new health-care calling
    WKC ARTICLE Holistic Nurse Uses Healing Touch In Parish Nursing Ministry
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    Concordia University has a Parish Nurse Distance Learning Program.
    Concordia University Wisconsin
    Nursing Division
    12800 N. Lake Shore Drive
    Mequon, WI 53097
    fax 414-243-4351



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  3. by   live4today
    Hi Nightngale,

    I too plan to become a Parish Nurse one of these days. The cost of the course is above our budget right now, but will definitely sign up as soon as I can afford to. A friend of mine is starting a Parish Nurse Course here in San Antonio on Monday. The course runs for one week, and 40 credit hours are given at the end of the course. Thanks for taking the time to share all that information with us. (((hugs)))
  4. by   nightingale
    Interesting Renee, I wonder what the courses are that they teach? The expense and time on school for this is not part of my goal at this time. I really would love to find a program existing or devise one (now isn't that brave).

    There is no program in my area or state that I know of. At this point, I am trying to nestle in with a regualr church and look at the volounteer services and what they offer. That is where I invision starting out.

    Thank you for the hug.