I need ideas on monthly health topics

  1. Does anyone out there no of any good sites for parish nurse ideas or activities for a church congregation? I am just starting as a parish nurse and need fun ideas for weight loss for the elderly. I also need short health tidbits to put in the church monthly newsletter. Any info. is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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  3. by   J. B.
    I would be glad to brain storm with you about some ideas. Have in the pasted worked on a committy about just the same thing.Have presented issues such as Organ and tissue donation, Brain death, end of life decisions, High Blood pressure, Diabeties, Blood donation. Have you ever thought of establishing prayer support group,
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    Good Luck
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  4. by   lynswim
    I pull blurbs out of nursing magazines or sometimes get info from the internet for church bulletins.
    My elderly congregation has responded well to Weigh Down workshop weight loss and we are currently working on getting a Weight Watchers community group to meet at our church.
    Whereabouts in TN? I am in Johnson City at First Pres.
  5. by   J. B.
    Utilize the Better Life Institute, Nutrilite and their Trim Advantage weight management and food suplements (The Largest Food suplement and vit suplement producer in the world and most respected) and become the supplier (Wholesale )yourself in order to save your patisipamts on the cost to obtain the best quality products available in the world. Your clients would be getting the best from the best and you will make a profit to boot.
    All you information and ifratructure is on line and at you finger tips.
    Just a thought.
  6. by   rmperry
    I am currently enrolled in a health ministry certificate program. One of the web sites the professor recommended for us to check out for ideas for bulletin boards and such is www.healthfinder.gov. You can find monthly topics too. Good luck.
  7. by   ceecel.dee
    Caregiver support tidbits

    Living will/Advanced Directives info

    Activities to discourage bone loss

    Info on supplements (what they might ask their Dr. about)

    Health benifits of ASA

    Importance of organ and blood donation

    Hidden dangers commonly found in households (scatter rugs, long cords, lack of grab bars in tubs, showers, bathrooms, stairs without skid-proof covering)

    Easy access and installation of Med-Alert buttons
  8. by   kenurse
    Don't limit yourself to only subjects for the elderly. You have to make yourself known among the younger parishoners, too. Our group asks different speakers to give talks about things, using some of the people from our congregation. For example, we have 1 practicing and 1 retired physician in our congregation....they have been helpful with various topics. We have a practicing attorney who helped with wills, advance directives, etc. Get more people involved as you can't do it all yourself. Our group does free BP checks monthly, we make follow-up phone calls to everyone who has returned home from the hospital, who has lost a loved one, who is going through chemo/radiation, etc. They love to know that someone besides the pastor cares and calls to pray with and for them. We serve fresh fruit and juice to adult forum 1-2 times per year (healthy foods as opposed to the usual sweet rools, cookies, etc.) The possibilities are limitless. The whole thing is to make yourselves known to the congregation as a group that is there to help them, cares for them, and is someone who they can contact if they choose. We have also helped revive some members having MI's or CVA's until EMT's could get there.
  9. by   RetiredMSN
    When our Congregational Health Committee met to plan for next year, we decided to take a different approach. Our program is only 1 year old, and we have been having a different emphasis each month using various methods of presentation. We decided that next yr. we will focus on support groups, while also having health topics presented in the monthly newsletter. Since we want to be able to minister to all age groups, it was suggested we begin by developing a grief support group for teens that would be ready to begin in Mar. or Apr., since that is about the time that teens begin losing classmates and friends to accidents and suicide. We have a counselor who is a member of our church who can facilitate this.

    Then we would like to organize a support group for families of alcoholics, and also for adult persons who have lost loved ones. So, more ideas you can consider. Good luck! RetiredMSN