I'm already a nursing student and am really asking this for my fiance. Does anyone know of any EMT-P to RN programs in ohio? HE is already a paramedic, and we are just seeing of there are ant programs out there ...

Thanks SO much!


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In regards to your question about EMT-P to RN programs, there is a college in Albany NY that accepts Paramedics (not basic emt). Actually, I graduated from there 4 years ago. All my testing was done in Columbus. Good luck



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Some places are phasing them out when others are bringing them in. There is one in texas that basically eliminates the LPN year. I hope you can find one. Good luck.


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Well I just completed the first ever Paramedic to RN course @ LBWCC in Greenville, Alabama and we only had 13 in the class. I understand there are only 6 in this years class. There is a big controversy as to whether it is a good program or not. I understand there is only one other college in Alabama that has an accredited program and it had to take a year off due to lack of enrollment. Most of the paramedics are finding that a traditional course may take longer but will actually prepare you better. But this is just my opinion, I know I would have had a really tough time if my husband was not a paramedic-RN already and he gave me some tips and insight as to what was going on. Without his help I would have failed for sure. I know this is not in Ohio but this is what is going on in Alabama.


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Fairview Hospital near Cleveland, has a new program. I am not sure that they are even advertising it yet, and you can't find anything online about it. The director of the LPN program at LCCC's Medina campus, is in charge of this new Paramedic to RN progam at fairview. I have his phone number if you want it, PM me.

This is a bit late, but LCCC has a page on a new paramedic to RN program. There aren't many details yet, but they do give a contact number and name.

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