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Paramedic to RN online: will i get a job?

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Thank you in advance for your replies. I am a paramedic that would like to become an RN. I am trying to decide on either going to conventional RN school at a community college here in Los Angeles or starting one of those online paramedic to RN programs. My question is... will it be super difficult to get a job later if I go to an onine bridge program? Should I just go to the community college?

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Suggest you check what is accepted by the BRN. I know they no longer accept Excelsior trained RN's and many International nurses are struggling if their clinical is concurrent with their theory so the BRN is being very strict in what they will or will not accept. the BRN may require you to go to one of their approved courses otherwise they will not allow you to meet requirements and work as a RN in the state


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Go to a conventional college! You'll never be able to get licensed or get one transferred in California if you go through Excelsior. It's hard enough to find a job, don't limit yourself even more.

Online programs, with the exception of ISU, for the most part, are not acceptable in CA. Make it easier on yourself and attend a traditional program if you can get accepted. But be aware that your employment situation will not hinge upon graduating from an online program or a traditional program. Almost all employers do not look at your education beyond the fact that you are a graduate of an accredited program. They will look at your valid license and your nursing work history. In southern CA, you will have a difficult time finding work as a new grad, no matter what school you graduate from. Best to get yourself prepared for the long haul. Good luck.