Pantoprazole for a pt with AKI and C Diff???


Hello all.

I am trying to figure out why my pt was given pantoprazole. He is in the hospital for Clostridium difficile infection as well as an AKI. He has CKD, diabetes, HTN, and no hx of ulcers other than one that had a hard time healing on his leg.

I have read articles about how pantoprazole has actually been linked to causing AKIs and that it can make patients more susceptible to C. diff infections.

So am I missing something? Why is he taking it?

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Protonix (Pantoprazole) is usually a standard drug given to patients admitted to the hospital. The stress of being in the hospital is often enough to produce GERD like symptoms and places the patient at risk for ulcers. To prevent these issues patients are often ordered this medication right off the bat.


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OH! So it's just a prophylactic drug? Is there something different we can give for people that are in AKI?


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I work in ICU and almost all patients get protonix for ulcer prophylaxis, especially if on the ventilator


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Wow! Ok! Thank you both very much! I was so confused. Thank you.


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Alot of people take prilosec/protonix. It feels like 33%+ of my patients on my med/onc floor take it.