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PALS online with only a few hours to complete?

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For the online portion, I’ve been given 4.5 hours to complete everything . And then the instructor will meet with me after the online portion, on that day,  to do do the stuff that he needs to sign off on, which he scheduled another 2 hours.  

I’m completely new to PALS, I’ve never been certified before. I made a stink about taking it online, but the instructor said he doesn’t have anyone for a class until March. And then I saw that he scheduled me to get everything done in about 6 hours total, whereas, the class is typically 2 days, right?  

Im going to my manager about this. Am I right to complain? From what I gather, PALS online takes 6-9 hours for someone with experience . I do not have experience.  When I say “online”, I’m referring to watching the videos and doing the online tests. I’m not sure how long the other part with the instructor “typically” takes. 

What should I say to my manger? I can’t step on toes, and they are friends. He is the educator for it unit. 

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It depends.....are you able to get the PALS manual now, take as much time as needed to study it, then sign up for the online portion? 

That sounds reasonable to limit the on line testing portion to 4.5 hours.

All students for ACLS and PALS are expected to study the material prior to taking the course. The classroom time is for reviewing what the student knows or has studied on their own.

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