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My husband purchased a Palm for me to use on the L&D floor ( I start my new position on Monday). It is wireless and I am interested in getting a subscription to an OB download that will be a great resource to make things a little easier, since there is sooooo much to learn. My girlfriend works in ER and she downloaded Epocrates to her Palm. She swears it was the best purchase ever I think I would rather have something more specific to Labor and delivery. Any suggestions out there????



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I use Skyscape products on my Palm. I have Taber's Encyclopedia, Davis's Drug Book & N-CLEX review. I LOVE & use them all the time & they work great.

Don't know if they have OB software, but I bet they do.

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I don't have any personal experience with any of the OB programs, but if you do a search on Skyscape, you'll see quite a few choices.

I will be purchasing one soon as my start date approaches. Keep us postd on which program you purchased and how it worked for you.

I will be reviewing them and will let you know. I have a listing, I will get it posted as soon as I can of some others that I have found.



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Regardless of your other choices, I'd recommend the free version of Epocrates. It gives you a lot.

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