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Pain and Palliative Care APRN


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Hi all:

I am a second career nursing student finishing my BSN program soon. I would like to pursue further education after getting a couple years of acute care experience (fingers crossed for getting a job) and I am very interested in a specialty that I recently discovered: Pain & Palliative Care. I have some integrative healing and palliative experience prior to nursing school, currently in clinical on an Oncology floor and this just seems like the right path for me.

My question is, however, what education does one get? Are there educational programs for APRNs with that specialization? Or do you get an NP and then pursue that as specialization?

Any thoughts appreciated. Thank you!


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You could be ANP, FNP, or ACNP for that role. There are also many fellowships for PC.

Make sure you shadow some NPs in this speciality, it is a tough speciality on the provider, at least it was for me and several of the colleagues I trained with on inpt PC.

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INN_777, BSN, RN

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Thank you, BostonFNP