Typical Day in outpatient pain management?

  1. Just wondering what the typical day would be like in an outpatient pain management clinic, what the patient's are like,. how much drug seeking behaviors do you encounter etc.
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  3. by   toomuchbaloney
    In my view, most patients who are experiencing chronic pain and who are wanting relief exhibit "drug seeking behaviors".
  4. by   hausla01
    With around 8 months experience, I can say that the typical day in outpatient pain management seems to involve around 50% honest people with real pain issues who are not necessarily wanting narcotics nor actively drug seeking. It seems another 25% are solely there for high dose narcotics to abuse or sell and the other 25 % say things that maybe they are using to lean towards narcotic prescriptions, but maybe they are telling the truth ("PT doesn't work, made it worse, etc. I am afraid of needles, injections don't work, etc.) It is part of my job to be suspicious of everyone and to research and look for discrepancies . It is difficult to work with this patient population: Lots of psych issues, lots of unknowns; It's not fun to have to assume the worst from people, but that is how we can look out for patient (and our whole community 's) safety!