Educational path to Pain Management

  1. Hi everybody:

    I am currently in a second career BSN program, graduating in December. I would like to pursue an advanced nursing degree after gaining a couple years of experience. After much thinking, I am very interested in the Pain Management and Palliative Care track as I have non-nursing experience in integrative therapies and end of life care.

    How does one become an APRN in Pain Management/Palliative Care?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   INN_777
    OK, now that I have graduated, started working in Medical Oncology and will need to apply to MSN programs soon, I will ask this question again and hope to get some insight. I would like to pursue Pain Management and Palliative Care as an APRN. What MSN track is best for this area? FNP? Adult Acute Care? Does it matter?

    Thank you so much in advance.
  4. by   Psychcns
    I am a psych aprn and pain management is not in my scope of practice though I think chronic pain should be. I think there is often an anxiety component to chronic pain. I have heard pain management is part of a anasthesia aprn practice. Anyone else know or have thoughts?
  5. by   nutella
    I work in a palliative care program (not a NP) and can tell you that the NP I work with is a regular FNP who got trained in palliative care by the MD. There are some extra courses you can take but it seems that a lot is training after you become a NP. There is also a fellow ship now for NPs who want to specialize in palliative care - but it is very competitive.
  6. by   budgie16
    I would go for FNP since it will give you the option to see children in the future should you wish. This can be an advantage when looking for jobs if you are applying to smaller hospitals.
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