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I want to start off by saying I don't know anything about the "pain management" speciality, but I have some questions I hope someone won't mind answering.

Since I have started travel nursing and been to some larger cities than I am used to I have noticed a number of Pain management specialists.

I have had migraines since I was 18 yrs old and have tried numerous preventative medications and medications for when I get a migraine over the years.

If I were to go to a specialist, would they not only work with me on the preventative part, but would they be more willing to listen to what I have learned over the years to what works for my migraines when I get them? When I get a migraine that my home medications don't take care of, would it be them I call or would I still have to go to the ED for a shot? Is this a speciality covered by most insurances?

I am so tired after 22 yrs of feeling like a drug-seeker and being made feel guilty when I am the one who lives with my migraines and knows what works for them. Believe me I know there are new things all the time for migraines and read this literature and articles all the time. I have tried the new medications and know what works and what doesn't, I also know the meds that my insurance either won't cover or have an extremely high co-pay and are out of my financial means.

Thank you in advance for your time and responses.

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Insurance is impossible to know about, as always. Since you travel, I'm assuming most everywhere you go is considered out of network? All I can suggest is check with your company.

In theory, your pain management specialist should minimize your need for ED visits by offering options - if this doesn't work, then this - taking into account your experiences and whatever financial constraints. They may even have samples of stuff you have responded to but can't afford. There is typically someone on call at the practices in my town for after hours concerns.


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Thank you for your response and ifo, Nurse Ratched, I appreciate it.


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Diamond Headache Clinic has helped my 17 yo daugter when no one else could including pain manegment in at ST Louis Childrens hospital and Cardinal Glennin

1-800-headache would recommend them to anyone I feel they saved my daughters life because her headaches were 24/7 and I feel she would have killed herself because of the neverending pain by now


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