Paid for LS2 but no dates available in Dec

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Ok, I went ahead and paid for LS2. Out of 2 Pearson Vue sites in Atlanta area, there are not any dates available in December! :mad: Checked a site that is 70+ miles away and it only has a few days but the available times are not good. I guess I will have to keep checking often in hopes that someone cancels. :rolleyes:

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Did you reserve a spot on the 70+ mile away center just in case you don't get a cancelation? I would just be on the safe side. My only Pearson center is 100 miles away from my home. My daughter came with me and quized me all the way down, which was a nice way to relax before the exam :)

In the past I have found that there are certain times, December being one of them, that it is difficult to find an open appointment time. You have to be early and look often for cancellations. Also don't give up a reservation in hopes of finding a better one. When you see a better time, then go for it.

I rechecked and found only one on 12/11 at 8 am. That gives me more than plenty of time to study for LS2.

The system doesn't give up your current reservation until you go through all of the steps to secure a new one, so I don't have to worry about giving up a reservation first.

I did it one time and lost the reservation I had. I don't know how that happened.

It seems to me that days open up all the time, but really after the weekend, esp. Monday morning and afternoon, in general. Then some open, again, closer to the weekend for the next week. I guess people think about their tests over the weekend?

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