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Hi guys, I am starting my first paediatric placement where I will have to perform multiple vaccines. I was wondering if anyone could describe each step involved in this process, and the names of common vaccines for children? Thank you

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You can look up on the CDC the common names of childhood vaccines and the recommended ages and doses. As far as the steps you need to find out at the place you orient at as different facilities have different policies on how pediatric vaccines must be given and where they want you to give them.

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Common vaccines: IPV (polio), DTaP, Hepatitis B, Prevnar (pneumonia), rotavirus (oral vaccine), HIB, hepatitis A, varicella, MMR, flu shots.

Some come individually some are in combination form. After giving frequently you'll be able to predict what's ordered at well visits based on age.

The office I came from we have in the thigh, through two years of age then the arm.

Check your policy of the place you'll be as they may vary.


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Might be diff. per facility policy:



*6mos --vaccines are exactly same as the 6-8wks--last dose of Rotavirus at this age, can still be taken till 8mo but no later i think.

--baby can have 1st dose of flu vaccine at this age, half dose.

*9mos--catch up if missing vaccines may have #2 dose of the flu vaccine half dose.

*12mo --- they get 3 pokes again 1.Hep A 2. Mmr, live vaccine reconstitute w/ sterile water give SQ. 3.varicella, live vaccine reconstitute w/ sterile water SQ. --we give mmr last, they sting a lot í ½í¸ž

--there's more of course 15mos, 18mos-2yrs also catch up but they can get Hep A #2 if more than 6mo apart from hep A #1

--no routine IZs @3yrs

*4yrs ---hardest of all to give í ½í¸‚ 2 pokes.

Goodluck! I worked in ambulatory Pedi Clinic for 1.5yrs only. It was fun!