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Pacu report????


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What info do you guys give to the pacu nurses?

I am on orientation, and I have seen dropping off the OR record with the pt and leaving, to a little more than that.....but I get no clear answer when I ask this question. And when I do start my report, like procedure, local, allergies, etc... the pacu nurses couldnt care less.... anesthesia gives a very detailed report, and they are more interested in what they have to say than the OR nurse. So, whats the norm where you are?

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Ask them. I like to know about family, patient belongings, unusual positions or tubes/drains that anesthesia may not know about, and how they were pre-op. Everything else I pretty much get from anesthesia.

Where I work the PACU report preference varies by person. I watched what my preceptors were doing when it came to report and only one gave a detailed report, the rest wheeled the patient in and left to let anesthesia give the details. I have come to the place where my report consists of name, procedure, any drains, fluids, unusual dressing, any pertinent comorbid diagnoses (especially diabetes) and any odd stuff that may the nurse may need to know (pt wants a certain number called with an update of their condition to a family member who couldn't be there until time to pick them up...you never know)

When we're transferring to ICU, I give a full report prior to transport and do not leave that to anesthesia..:pumpiron:

Appropriate Hand-off communication is one of the 2007 joint commision goals (JCAHO) for all hospitals. Working with your quality assessment department to implement a standardized hand-off communication tool between departments could greatly increase patient safety.


pt name, who's pt it is (dr. whom-ever), what procedure, allergies, drains, caths, urine out (especially if you did an i/o), dressings, machines (av foot pumps, scds, ect...), family and belongings and then i always end with... do you have any questions? at our facility we are so short on recovery nurses many times i'll hook the pt up to the monitors, o2, bp etc.. untill one gets to me...but i never leave my pt until report is given and that may mean a long wait, and a slow turn over.

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