PACU RN's- what is your visitor policy? - page 3

My manager believes that our unit is too strict with visitation and wants us to be more in step with ASPAN standards of visitation. She wants our input and to come to a decision about how to make... Read More

  1. by   pacurn60
    We allow parents of peds. If we are holding for post op beds we usually let 1 or 2 family members at the most for 10-15 minutes. I do have to be a patient family advocate on this somewhat we have some surgeons who forget to talk to the family and invariably that patient gets the PACU nurse who is not proactive in updating the family by telephone then we have an irrate family that hasn't heard anything about their loved 1 for hours. Some of my nurses are awesome and based on patient acuity have called and talked to the waiting room within an hour of them arriving PACu and if they haven't they let me know and I will go update the family.
  2. by   Celaine54
    We have a policy in place for visitors in is up to nurse when to allow parents of small children...otherwise usually no visitors...ours is phase I pacu only...too many critical pts to have a visitor potentially become a pt too!
  3. by   wannabecnl
    Our PACU appears to restrict visitors to pedi patients' parents or guardians only; one exception was made one time, and the person stayed FOREVER. I don't know our official policy; however, I was just reading a relatively new study about this in JoPAN that looked at stress levels of family members when allowed to visit (under extremely "perfect" conditions--elective surgery, patient in great shape, 5 minute visit, etc.) vs. being given a tour of the surgical areas other than OR/PACU (to control for time/attention with the researcher). Family members who were allowed to visit experienced a decrease in stress, while the controls experienced an increase in stress. I have to admit that I was left wondering where this would stop; I appreciate that the family members get stressed out and that nurses care for the whole family, yada yada, but at the end of the day, I'm not about family member satisfaction--I am about patent airways and pain control!
  4. by   firemantoddswife
    1. Yes, Phase II definitely, Phase I, RN discretion.
    2. Peds, special need, language barrier, RN discretion
    3. I have a late shift, so it's one pt at a time usually, so not an issue to 'see everything'.
    4. Phase II, up to 4, but comfort level for the RN.
    5. Privacy not an issue in Phase II, close the door. In phase I, close the curtain, but really, monitors are usually beeping enough to drown out convo's.