Brand New and in the PACU!

  1. Hello everyone, I posted this on the main forum before I discovered this, more specific one! I see some wonderful and helpful topics in this forum, but I would like to ask for some specific advice!

    I am a brand new grad (may 2006) and I'm just starting my first job.... in the PACU. I was placed here not by choice, as I am in the military. I'm very excited to be in such a wonderful unit. However, I know I have quite a bit of learning to do! I was wondering if any of you more experienced PACU nurses could pass down some advice for me. What have you learned in your time that I should know/look for?

    I'd appreciate any advice you've got :mortarboard:

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  3. by   Hopecascade
    I would recommend a seminar in managing emergencies in the PACU for a bit of background. Always remember your ABC's airway breathing circulation hook up that pulse ox first thing, assess and reassess your patients. Good luck
  4. by   otan11 a PACU nurse for 2 years..ABC's that's it..prioritize ur patients
  5. by   DUECSON
    Hi NewArmyRN, how do you like being a nurse in the army and what hospital are you at? I'm considering becoming an Army Nurse as well. I'd started the Nurse Candidate application only to find out that I would be too old once I finish my BSN. How was OBC? Our working days are Mon-Fri. No holidays and off most training holidays. I'm in Georgia at an army hospital.
  6. by   healingtouchRN
    Get yourself a core curriculum for PACU nursing & get familiar with the different surgeries. Also like otan11 said ABC's!! Take a deep breath when you feel stressed, so you can use your critical thinking skills. Ask CRNA's, MDA's & veteran PACU nurses for pearls of wisdom. I am perpetually learning in this trade!