Pacific Union College insight


I will be attending PUC (Pacific Union College) doing their LVN-Rn program and wanted to see if anybody on here could kindly give me insight on the program. What I should do to prepare, is the program very very difficult where I cant work, is the work load that they give you every 6 weeks difficult and tedious?

Any help or insight at all will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much

Has 12 years experience.

I looked into this program a lot, I didn't go there because another opportunity landed in my lap first. But it is designed for working professionals and from the roadmap of classes I saw it should be doable. I went to a CSU and we were on the quarter system so we had 5 and 10 weeks classes. They are not a joke, so I'm sure PUC isn't either, but it looks like a fabulous program.