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Pace ABSN Spring 2016

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Hey! Is anyone else applying to Pace's Spring 2016 accelerated program in Pleasantville? I figured I'd start a thread for everyone applying.

I'm finishing up my last 2 prereqs this summer.

Good luck! :)

I applied to the program at the beginning of the summer, last i heard was that my application was being reviewed. Hope i hear some good news.


I am applying to the Spring of 2016 too! :)

I finished all the pre-recs. I just don't have their entrance exam done yet. Does anyone know if they would take the TEAS instead of the Hesi? I know some schools who do.

Hey @kmichellex,

What entrance exam? I though you get a test when you interview according to the old post.

I thought you had to take the Hesi A2 exam? Unless that's what they mean.

I didn't know we had to take an entrance exam?

Hi guys! I also applied for the spring 2016 admission to the pleasantville campus. As far as I know you do not take a test until you are admitted into the program but I have heard the day of the interview you take a short written/math exam, then once you are accepted you must take the clinical exam

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I applied but they're still waiting to collect all my transcripts. Not sure why they're taking so long especially since some of them are electronic!! I heard the exam is after acceptance as well. Also, I heard they don't begin interviews until End of October and they don't do acceptance letters until end of November-- it is going to be a LONG fall waiting. :-/ Anyone read any GOOD reviews recently? All i've seen are terrible reviews for the accelerated side. I'm hoping they've improved the program! Good luck all!

My application is finally complete! Hopefully it isn't too far down the last and I still get considered for an interview. Anyone else have any updates on reviews or time-frames?

I thought you had to take the Hesi A2 exam? Unless that's what they mean.

Did you apply to the rn to bsn cause I think they take the HESI A2.

hi everyone! i just received my interview date for spring ABSN, which is next week. Did anyone else receive a interview date?

Hey lj05,

can you let us know when you applied? And your stats. I haven't received any emails yet but hoping to get one.

hey heavenlyred :)

i applied early july and graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.87; science GPA of 3.7.

also, make sure to check your spam! mine went straight there, didn't even see it until a few days later

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Hey lj05 can you post the email address it came from? I'm like to add it to my contacts to avoid it going to my spam. Also, does your appserver status now show as in review or still complete?


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Thanks lj05. Good luck at your interview!

Did you find a study guide for the math exam they give at the interview?

thank you samkasper1!

i haven't seen a study guide for the math exam. i've read through multiple other posts and people have said it's simple fractions/conversions/decimals. hoping its not too bad! please do post if you find one though :)