PA State Nurses Association & ANA to Tour on the America Can Do Better Bus Tour

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nurses from across the state, and the nation, will be attending a series of events for the america can do better bus tour to support sen. john kerry.

each event listed at the link below offers a series of guest speakers, including michele campbell, msn, rnc executive administrator for the pa state nurses association and patty hefner, a registered nurse who recently testified before the u.s. senate to protect nurses' rights to overtime pay. in addition, local and national media will be attending.

please use the contact information listed at the link below for each event to organize larger groups of nurses, all contacts are pa state nurses association members.

due to his sporadic travel schedule, sen. john kerry is not currently scheduled to appear at the locations listed, however his schedule may change.

we encourage you to visit the following links to learn more about john kerry's platform.


[color=#336699]american nurses association's support of john kerry

get more info on events here.

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What the heck are you doing upo at 3, K?

Thanks for the info though!

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