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Hi, all.

School nurse from MA possibly relocating to the PA/NJ border area. I have a MA DOE (DESE) school nurse license as well as NCSN status, but it seems like I'd have to jump through a lot of hoops in both PA and NJ.

A few questions:

1. Does anyone have any recommendations about the best college certification programs for (non instructional) school nurse certification? I was looking at the program at Rowan, but there seem to be a lot of choices.

2. Are the requirements of both states close enough that meeting them for one means that you have met the requirements for the other by default? (After applying of course...)

3. Has anyone heard of schools hiring nurses initially via a waiver, allowing the nurse time to finish the specific educational requirements?

The classes themselves seem like they could be interesting, but paying the tuition to do the practicum hours for something I've been doing for years is...frustrating.

Thanks for any inside info/expertise on the issue.


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7 hours ago, NRSKarenRN said:

Check out this prior thread:

Thanks. I've done the preliminary research on what programs exist and what the NJ and PA requirements are. My questions were sort of "next-level", looking for insider tips from people who have gone through it first hand. Particularly if anyone living on the border has both states' certifications.

Are you by chance certified in either PA or NJ? Any anecdotes you have about your experience would be much appreciated!