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I am starting to look at Pa and MA programs just out of curiosity. I am wondering if anyone has any additional information on the various programs as well as info on what CRNA salaries are in these states.

Cost of Living Philly vs Boston etc.



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Try for salary info for CRNAs


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I sent you a PM.

As for cost of living. Boston is VERY expensive and tough to find a decent place to live without a long commute. I used to live 1 1/2 hours north of Boston in NH where housing prices are ridiculous because of all the people leaving the expense of Boston and moving out to the suburbs.

Philly has some expensive areas, but much more reasonable than Boston. Philly is also a great city!

A good choice is NJ. There are some really great areas to live and much more affordable, yet still a reasonable commute to the city.


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What about Albany New York?? I am attending their program, its very good, close to Boston (2.5 hr), cost of living is not bad, some very nice areas. close to alot of cool stuff.


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smogmatt Do you like albany? I live here and would like to go there. How is the program?


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A friend of mine just interviewed at Northeastern in Boston and told me about their interview. They apparently had to take an exam on a lot of clinical information. They were also asked a lot of clinical information in the interview. She currently has 8 months in a CICU and 8 months in a Cardiac ACU. She was notified less than a week later that she was accepted. She really enjoyed the interview and thought the program was really good. That's all i know about MA or PA programs.


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love the program...because

1 integrated curriculum

2 Very well organized

3 excellent professors

4 MS rather than MSN

5 Tons of regionals and line placements

6 Short (26M)

7kinda spendly for tuition but lots of extras included (review courses, etc)

8 different clinical sites (good to see how the other guys do it)

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