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Hello Everyone,

I have a situation, not sure the best way to tackle this. Please share with me if you have been to a similar situation. I have a B.S in Nursing from India. I have registered with New York State and I had my degree evaluated by CGFNS. I had taken the RN exam few times, and unfortunately failed every time. So I have decided to try my luck on LPN under New York State. I didn't have to do any additional paper work as the New York State had already evaluated my education. Fortunately, I have passed the LPN Exam and licensed by New York State.

I have just recently applied with State of Pennsylvania; I believed the LPN Reciprocity agreement would make the transition easier. However, I am getting so much run around from the Pennsylvania State. They state that my degree is B.S in Nursing, and they would not accept the evaluation from CGFNS for the LPN License. They had sent me a list of schools that have the LPN Program, and asking me to reevaluate the education before they could approve me for the LPN license. For some reason, I feel that I am being misguided here. In the past, I remember when my friend who had passed their RN Exam in another state was able to obtain the license in PA under the Reciprocity agreements without having to reevaluate the education. Are the LPN requirements so much different? Please, share what you know.

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Each state's requirements are different. This is why sometimes those who obtain an LPN license without attending an LPN program cannot transfer a license to another state. All you can really do is what the PA BON wants done if you wish to become licensed in PA.

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It is my understanding that PA has no means for an RN graduate or partial completion student to take the LPN. To take the PNCLEX in PA you must be a graduate of a school of practical nursing.

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PA like TX & NJ only licenses practical nurses who graduated from a practical nursing program. BSN is not sufficient. Alternate route LPN such as completion of a BSN program or equivalent experience such as CA results in a single state license that is not eligible for endorsement to other states. Had you passed the NCLEX RN you could have endorsed the NY RN license to PA