PA House Passes Background Checks

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house passes background checks - bill would ban some convicts from jobs caring for elderly

the state house yesterday voted to restore a requirement that forces thousands of nursing home and personal care workers to undergo criminal history background checks.

the bill, sponsored by rep. patricia vance, r-silver spring twp., now is scheduled to move to the senate.

a law mandating checks on current employees and job applicants was ruled unconstitutional by the state supreme court last december, in part because language imposing lifetime employment bans was too broadly written.

vance's revised background-check provision passed 186-3, but only after a two-hour debate in which critics argued the policy would still unfairly restrict ex-convicts' ability to gain the employment they need to help turn their lives around.

the background checks would be required only of workers employed in or seeking jobs involving direct contact with residents or unsupervised access to their living quarte

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Of course criminal background checks should be done. I believe in allowing someone to restart his/her life after his debt to society is paid. However, their right to try again does not trump the rights of our most vulnerable patients to safety and peace of mind.

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