PA: Deadline for Nursing Loan Forgiveness - Aug. 31

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Students graduating from nursing school in 2003 have until Aug. 31 to submit their applications for the Nursing Loan Forgiveness for Healthier Futures program. The program encourages registered nurses to practice in Pennsylvania by paying up to 25 percent of nursing school loan debts if they work for in-state health care organizations or health systems.

This means up to $12,500 of a nurse's qualified student loan debt can be forgiven over a three-year period. All participants must graduate from an approved nursing program at an approved institution of higher learning after July 1, 2002, and be a Pennsylvania resident. If the borrower is an unlicensed recipient, they must agree to apply for a Registered Nurse's license to practice in the state as soon as possible after completing their degree in nursing. Within six months after licensure, the borrower must begin to practice nursing in the Commonwealth on a full-time basis. Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), along with the Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation, administers this program. More information...

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Thanks for posting about this, Karen.

Appreciate it.


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It's an old post. Watch for that. The program is no more.

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