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I've noticed the shortage of nurses, but am dismayed that I can't emigrate to OZ due to my age. I'm just in my 50's, am at the top of my nursing class, and want to work overseas. Europe prohibits me emigrating due to my age, and apparently so does Australia. Yet every day I see more jobs posted in both countries. Is there any chance Immigration policy will be changed with regard to nurses in the next two years?:nurse:

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Have you checked it out on the immigration site? Nurses are desperately needed over here. We can't give you the information you need, but if you check out


maybe it can help.

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Thread moved to the International forum since it is specific to immigration issues and not to items specific to nursing issues in Australia.

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Thanks for your understanding, and the fact that many nurses are not aware of specifics of working in their country in terms of immigration and licensing requirements. We ask that all questions of this type for what ever country be placed directly on the International Forum.

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Thanks, I did check the immigration site and even took their points test, which I failed due to my age. I mean, it's not like the UK, where there are limited resources. OZ has unlimited resources, and seemingly unlimited space. Oh, well, maybe I can get an exemption in working with a sponsor. That seems my only hope, unless the new PM changes the law.

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