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:confused: with multiple pediatric patients together with their overprotected parents.one really has to take time explaining what's going on with their patients.i was approached by a mother,seemingly nervous.she stated that her son abdomen was beginning to grow and that he's burping a lot (on both mouth and anus).A quick look at the chart reveals that patient has sz d/o with ngt for oral meds.I rushed to the pt,and was surprised that an oxygen tubings was attached to the ngt at 10lpm.Ask how it got there,she calmly replied,well it was not connected to the o2 like that patient over there,pointing at a nearby patient with o2 cannula.Apparently, the mother thought the ngt was for oxygen delivey and put the o2 herself-had to decompressed the baby anyway after explaining to the mother what happened.
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Very scary! (But funny too).

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There was a pt up on the ICU ahwile back...very critical guy, not sure what was wrong with him, on Amiodarone, Dopamine, Neosynephrine gtts...the nurse walked into the room and found his wife shooting some herbs down his OG!! :o


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well here's another one, overheard a relative giving instructions to a patient with ngt,okey now start sipping,when i approached the patient i saw tip of the ngt submerged into a glass of milk.the relative thought that it works like a straw on a soda drinks

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Geez~ Sure does make a person wonder, doesn't it?:eek:


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