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Overwhlmed CNA student

My class is only 8 weeks long and we meet mon-thurs 9am to 1pm. We already have a test on monday and I just started class on JAN 3rd. The test in ch one through 15. I am so worried she gave us a study guide on what will be on the test but then she added a bunch of stuff saying it will be on the test so I feel like i do not know what to study. we do not really get homework but she tells us what she thinks we should study. and work pages she thinks we should do. I feel overwhlmed like I am not going to do well. Is it mostly common sense that will be easy? Please help me and give me some advice?

jb2u, ASN, RN

Has 5 years experience. Specializes in ICU, ER, Hemodialysis.

Back when I was training to be a cna....the test in class were not common sense type questions, but the certification test was!!! I wish you the best of luck.


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You should Not really worry so much, My Teacher was the same exact way you described your, but all test were multiple choice and even if we didn't have the correct answer, we all corrected in class..Test and quizzes are just practice for the Final State Test...these aren't like Pass or Fail test... (well at least for our class there were not..it was just practice for the final test, but she didn't told us this until the end, before the final State written test..) I will just recommend you study what you can and just try to understand the terminology of the medical words... Good Luck..I know you will be fine ;),,,

Let us know how you did.

You'll do fine :) Our first exam was literally at the beginning of our second class. 50 multiple choice questions. I got 100%. Second exam a week later was the one I did the worst on, and I got a 94%. To pass the class, we needed to end up with a 78% or better, I ended up with a 97% average. I just did my reading (I admit it was a lot!) and we had a workbook that we didn't do anything with. After I did my reading (reading each chapter 2 or 3 times) I used the workbook to test myself.

My class ended Nov 10th, and I just took and passed my written and skills exam 3 days ago. No problem at all with the written portion even though I hadn't cracked my book open in over 2 months. It really is common sense!

my test that i took in class i was an above avrege student and i heard from my teacher that the CNA exam was easier than the test we took in class and are finals is supposely harder than the finals, so i am not worryed about it


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