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I just started my first job as a CNA. I wasn't trained for CNA since 2017 but I was in school for LPN, which I hold a license for which is suspended. I told this to my new boss that I never have done on the job work as a CNA or LPN. And do you know what he Did? Gave me 13 rooms some with double beds in it, might I add. The two people he assigned to me to help Me when needed were no where to found. I didn't even know where to chart at the end of the day, no info on the patients to guide me, had to lift patients alone etc. I felt like I was just thrown in the deep end with no help. From being so inexperienced without any formal training both my licenses are on the line! What should I do? Do I demand some training from my boss, go to higher in command to ask for training or quit? I'm so overwhelmed just on my first day and is really turning me off from nursing right now since I have nothing else to compare it to.

Missingyou, CNA

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OMG. Run, don't walk from that place!

First, 13 patients should have been about your max amount. If there is no care plan on the patient to outline the care needed, you should not be giving care as it puts you & the patient at risk in so many ways.

You should NOT be transferring patients alone especially if it is not clearly documented on HOW it's to be done (1assist, 2 assist, mechanical lift, etc.).

Clearly this facility is in desperate need of CNA's which is why you were thrown in without training.

Do NOT work another shift without at LEAST 3 days of training. You can bet that if something happens, a patient falls, family complains, you will be responsible. They WILL throw you "under the bus" to protect themselves....guaranteed.

Enarra, BSN, RN

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Quit asap, no need for 2 weeks notice because your license is in danger. no training and thrown in and you have License on the line. Find another place to work and maybe get formal Cna training so you know what to so

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