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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if we're supposed to be getting OT if the oncoming nurse is late? I usually don't mind waiting/not filing for OT for 10-15 mins since I'm probably still here charting, but anything past that it starts to getting annoying since it happens on a daily basis. According to my coworkers, my employers do not pay us OT for this reason.  Am I supposed to be eligible for OT for anything over 30 mins?

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Hello, @datlogic, as your question is specific to Canada, we have moved your post to the Canada forum for best responses.


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Are you unionized? If you are check your contract. I would be putting in for it.


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My hospital agreement states we do not get compensated for up to 15 minutes after our shift ends for report. If it goes past that amount of time we are entitled to OT.

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