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Overseas nursing

by goot321 goot321 (New) New

Here is my situation, I am trying to get into a nursing degree program but I have no prior medical education/experience. I am currently stationed overseas and American colleges that are here do not offer an introductory nursing programs-only Registered nursing programs. I can not start a program while I am overseas. I have conducted weeks worth of research to find an introductory nursing program online(or something along those lines) since I am stationed overseas. But nothing like that exists to my knowledge overseas.

And every online nursing program stateside requires that you have to come into the school for at least a one or two "Lab" classes which I can not do. Does anyone have any info that could help me start a program for my situation? Thanks.

I'm not sure what you mean by an "introductory" nursing program. In my experience, there are only LPN and RN programs, and both would require physical presence for labs and clinicals, as you note. What some people in your situation (currently abroad, wanting to get into (US) nursing program) have done is to start taking the prerequisite courses required by most nursing programs, which you can often do online. That would be heading in the right direction, at least, to get accepted into a nursing program when you return to the states.

Best wishes for your journey!

What elk said. I'd only add that you might want to check with whatever school(s) you are most likely to attend once back in the States and make sure that your online courses will be accepted there for transfer. Some online courses are well-accepted....some not so much. Better to know ahead of time, before you make an expensive mistake.

Good luck :)