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Over 2 months delay in college submitting students credentials to state


Hello Everyone,

I'm posting to ask if anyone has suggestions as to what I can do and where I can file a complaint about my school.

The graduating class was eligible over 2 months ago to have our certification forms submitted to the state in order to receive ATT letters. To this day the college has still not submitted them to the state. Recently, we learned that the college did submit them, about 2 months late, but they filled out the forms with the wrong information (wrong SSNs, DOBs, etc) for the students.

Naturally we have been trying to get a straight answer from the college about what's going on, but no such luck. They have said they'll send it "in another two weeks".

This is causing a huge delay and headache for many of us, especially people who had positions lined up after becoming licensed. Lost wages.

Is there any recourse here? Is this negligence on the part of the school? Are there any regulations that the school is breaking by delaying like this?

Thanks for any help.

Not entirely sure if there is any recourse on your part for what could be deemed a clerical error, as the school is not legally obligated to submit the paper work within a specified timeframe. I can totally understand being upset, as that is entirely too long to wait. Is it possible for you to get the forms, complete and submit them with a transcript--instead of the department head's signature?

What state?

Thanks for your help.

The state is NY.

Unfortunately, we cannot submit that portion of the form ourselves. It is required that it be sent from the college with the bursars stamp and sealed in a college envelope and mailed from the college itself. There is no other method offered. As far as my own end of the paperwork, I had it submitted 3 months ago, and the state was kind enough to cash my check way back then.

Not only did they make this clerical error, but they waited 2 months to even send it the first time, and it's a fairly simple form with a class of 70 or so students. A copy of the students transcript is not even required - they just check a box, put in our info, and stamp it.