Over Achievers Unite!


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We have all seen the overzealous student and maybe we are that student. However, when does the overachiever become too much?? At what point does being enthusiastic become obnoxious? Whats been your experience?


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Haha...I am THAT student...:sorry: But I'm not obnoxious about it:sneaky: Or at least I try not to be;)

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the line is crossed when someone just will not be quiet in class after the instructor addresses their concern/comment/observation.

I remember in nursing school, this lady would quote obscure journals and really get into it and completely derail the class.Its lovely that one can read many journals in their spare time, but we paid for this class time to be instructed, not to hear debates that have no basis in the theory of the material being learned. Even when the instructor tried to rein her in, she would just keep going on and on...and on...and on....Completely obnoxious!

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Small suburban hospital, we 3-11 shift used to go out once a week after work. New grad :eek: -bless her heart- could not get over actually being a nurse now and could only relate about work-related stuff, she wanted to discuss patients and treatments and meds and her education. One of the group told her very kindly that she was going to have to learn a new, very important aspect in her nursing career. Well, all agog, she bit, ready to get some more new educational experience under her belt. He told her it was something she was going to put into practice that very night.....and he said it was called "going OFF duty." We wanted to applaud.