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Outpatient Ambulatory Vs. Home Health Nursing

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Hello Everyone! I wanted to discuss and hear opinions regarding which occupation is better for a graduate nurse. I recently graduated with a BSN in Nursing. I have been looking for jobs in the NJ area specifically hospitals but due to my lack of in experience, I have only been able to land jobs such as those in an Outpatient surgical Center non hospital affiliated, as a pre op nurse or home health nursing. Which do you suggest would provide a new graduate nurse with more experience?


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Hi H.n.26! After the graduation you´re just begining to learn. Select a job with well practiced colleagues.

If you`re in your patient´s home, you´re alone and you have to decide and to answer for. Don´t jump into the deep end, if you can`t swim.

Y´s Frieda

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I have never worked home health, only in acute care hospitals and both hospital affiliated and non affiliated outpatient surgical centers. What Elfriede said makes a lot of sense.

I really like out patient surgical nursing but it doesn't compare to acute care nursing experience. I'd take the outpatient surgical job. You can keep applying to hospitals, maybe eventually get a job in a hospital affiliated surgical center.

Thank you all for your words of wisdom. I have decided to take the job offer at the outpatient surgical center until I gain enough experience to get hired at a hospital. I need all the experience I can get hopefully this is a good start. 😊