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Thanks for the link, Sue. Have been thinking about this area for awhile. Frankly I miss my previous info tech career, since the glow has left the nursing rose.


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Right now, if it weren't for home health, I probably wouldn't be working in nursing at all.

Were I to go back to patient care, which I actually miss, I'd go to home health, hospice, or emergency. But never the floor again. I do not fit into the culture which is, well, peculiar.


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I have an associates in computer network management and am currently pursuing a BSN. I just recently read about nursing informatics and was quite excited about it. I was wondering if my CNM experience would benefit if I were to steer toward the informatics field. I would appreciate more insight into this career from someone with experience in it for I have yet to meet anyone who knows anything about it.

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It would certainly help you, Kelly.

First get some clinical experience. When you get to the floor try to get in with the IT people and get onto a project as a super-user. Nurses who can find the keyboard are a valucable commodity.

As to more insight into this, look at the stickies and read the threads with a lot of responses as they are often this same conversation.

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