Outlook for the future?


I'm currently a Sophomore pre-nursing student. I have a 4.0 SGPA and a 4.0 Normal GPA, so far. I've talked to a lot of pre-nursing/nursing students over what their goals are for the future and have heard "I want to be a CRNA" quite a lot. This is kind of alarming to me and makes me worried that the job outlook will be bleak by the time I am able to become one. With what appears to be a bandwagon blooming, do you think that the market for future CRNA's is going to be flooded? Monetary gain is certainly not my only motivation for pursuing this career, but will an overload cause a drop in salary?


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Many people I went to school with wanted to be CRNA's as well. So far I am the only one that has worked in an ICU and finished my BSN. The others have only finished their BSN if that. The point is, many do not follow through with it. It is hard work, more than many will really do. They just like the idea of the $$, but not enough to follow through.


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At least half my nursing class wanted to go to anesthesia school. I am the only one who is currently is school and I know of one who is going to apply soon. Lots say they want to go but only a few may apply and actually go.