Out of State New Grad - Licensing Questions / Options


Originally from CA but moved out of state to attend an accelerated BSN program out on the east coast. I will be graduating in August and my original plan was to take the NCLEX as soon as possible after graduation so 1) I can start job hunting asap instead of waiting around, 2) take the exam while the knowledge is still fresh in my mind (already have a NCLEX review course scheduled around then), 3) move back to CA asap. I realized that the BRN in CA doesn't allow out of state students to even apply until I am officially done with all my classes. With the manual finger print and transcripts, I fear it may take awhile before CA gives me the ATT for the opportunity to take the exam.

So my dilemma.....

Should I apply for licensure in my current school's state and then apply to CA by endorsement?

Or just move back and deal with the processing time?

Any advice or personal experiences would be deeply appreciated!

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My experience with the BRN in CA has been a mixed bag. I got my Att a month or so after I sent my app in and got my license 7 days after I tested. I endorsed out to another state and it took CA 2.5 months to verify my license. It's a crapshoot. Just remember, 2 licenses is 2 fees to maintain every 2 years.


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I tested right in CA. I didn't want to have to mess with endorsing and dealing with 2 BRNs. I got my ATT pretty quickly after I applied and tested, if I remember correctly, literally 2 days later. It wasn't a long process for me at all.


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I wld apply in CA the endorsement process is longer then just doing it straight plus u pay both states.