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Out Of State New Grad - Timeline

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Hey there!

I am currently wrapping up a whirlwind year of completing my ABSN at U of Miami in Florida. I moved here in Jan 2018 from California and will be graduating in Dec 2018. My whole family and boyfriend are in Ca so I plan on moving back immediately after graduation. I understand the difficult job market and am prepared to work at SNFs, corrections, anywhere that will take me!

Can anyone explain the Processing Times posted on BON? Is that from the day I submit my Breeze until I get my ATT? My boyfriend and his family are trying to plan a graduation trip for me and his sister (also graduating). Do out-of-state applicants receive their ATT later than in-state applicants?

I'm going back home in October and will getting my Livescan done. Can I finish up and submit my Breeze account then or do I have to wait until after graduating the program? The opening paragraph of the Breeze only tells CA graduates not to apply until two weeks before graduating but doesn't mention anything about out of state applicants. And you know how hard it is to talk to someone at the BON...

Thanks for listening, I've had a hard time nailing down a timeline for post-graduation.

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I'm currently in the same boat kind of, I'm from CT graduating in December and looking to move to CA by the new year. Was looking to do residency programs but most begin in March and with the lengthy processing times im not too sure i'll have my license by then :( . Just wondering how long it took you to get your things together and wether or not you got your license by endorsement or by examination. I have to choose between the two but I'm not too sure which one would be best at this point.


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