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Out look for CNA jobs good or bad?


I am thinking of becoming a CNA and I am in Southern Oregon. I have looked around and there is only one place to get licensed and they only allow 16 people in 3 time a year so not that many people can get in. It is always filled with a wait list. I can get in first because I already have my AA degree and can register first day it opens. My AA hasn't helped me find a job so I was thinking I should be able to find some work as a CNA with so few being trained in my area. What do you guys think, is the outlook pretty good for CNA's to find a job in this economy?


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I have read several articles that indicate the demand for CNA's and HHA's will be increasing as the aging population is increasing right now. Everything I read says there will be a shortage of nursing assistants and nurses....basically all healthcare workers. So even though the economy is horrible right now, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and in my opinion it's a great way to get your foot in the door of the medical field and a definite "in demand" job for the future outlook. Good luck with your decision making! :)

It is good for the simple fact there is such a high turnover. LTC CNA jobs are much easier to find than hospital positions. The hospitals around me want a year of experience first.

CNA is an ok choice as a stepping stone to get your foot in the door for nursing, but is not a good choice for a career. Let’s face it, it is hard work, for little pay, is considered low skilled, and there is little room for advancement. If you are thinking entry-level position for a career find something that has a way to move up. I work night shift as a CNA in LTC. I change about forty to sixty incontinent briefs a night. Is that what you want to do for the next twenty years? In a hospital setting there is a little more variety, but still there is no higher up position to move to IE dead end job. Sorry to be so blunt but it is true. Can you build on you AA degree? Might be time better well spent.