Our lady Lourdes Nurse Anesthesia Interview process


Hello Everyone!

Has anyone applied to the Nurse Anesthesia Program this year? I want to see if someone knows what the science exam consist of and what I should focus on studying. I am studying a lot of CCRN material. It would be great if someone has bit of an information about the exam and the interview process. Much Appreciated.

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Hello All,

I got into Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing program. Regarding the interview, it was on personal basis. Keep in mind to be yourself and also a little humour does not hurt. As far as the clinical questions goes, it is all asked in the exam that they give you before the interview. I would highly suggest that you review your CCRN material, basic CPR and EKG. I also got a chance to speak to the students and they were very nice and honest. this program focuses heavily on clinical rotations and therefore, I am choosing to go here. I hope this helps you. Be yourself. Study CCRN material and don't try to be cocky like I am a "Critical Care" expert. Be down to earth. God bless.


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Hi hparek01,

Congrats on the acceptance!! I am in the process of turning in my application. I was wondering how long did it take for you to hear back from them when you turned your application? And lastly do you mind sharing a little bit about your working/academic career?

Thanks so much!


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Hey! How long does it take after an interview to hear back whether you have a spot in the program?