others from Kansas?

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After reading tons of posts it seems like Kansas has quite a bit of representation...

Several mentioned Garden City as their Thanksgiving destination :)

I'm from Wichita and am applying to Newman in Wichita and Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth. (Texas Wes. has clinicals in Wichita) so I'm definately a Kansas girl.

Who else-and where did you attend (or plan to attend) school?


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I have applied to Newman and Texas Wesleyan with hopes of doing clinicals in Wichita. I interview next tuesday at Texas. I also have applied to Minneapolis School of Anesthesia. I'm only a couple of hours from Wichita and hope to marticulate their but hey I'm flexible and will go where ever I can get in....lol. Good luck with your applications.


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I live in Wichita as well. Was in Newman's first class. Worked in the SICU at Wesley before school, now work for McClellan in ACSW. Howdy.

Kevin McHugh


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Originally from South Dakota but transplated to Overland Park, KS 1 and 1/2 years ago so my husband can finish up chiropratic school. Didn't ever think I could like a state better than SD but it has really grown on us. I have an interview at KU on December 15th. Good luck:) tia


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Goodluck with the interview.


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I live in Prairie Village, KS but have ties to Wichita. I have a Business degree from Friends U and went to paramedic school with Sedgwick CO EMS in '92. Nursing School was in KC at Rockhurst and I am waiting to here back from 2 CRNA schools on the East coast I interviewed with recently. I ended up applying to 6 schools total, got interviews at 4 and have received two regret letters. The KC programs are incredibly competitive, even more so than many on the east coast. I would recommend to anyone from KS to apply out of state if they want to do it bad enough. The number of applicants to some of the east coast schools is only 50-80 vs 150+ around here. Good luck with your career! :)


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Good luck Tia and lasvegas4211!

I knew there were several Kansans...

I work at St. Francis in the SICU so I may have even seen kevin (if you ever go there)

thanks for all the replies guys


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I grew up in virginia,got my nursing degree there but have been transplanted to kansas for the last 20 years.I work at a military hospital.My daughter is now applying to Washburn for their nursing program.


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thanks for the replies

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