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OTC Medication Administration - The Legality

I am headed out on a mission trip within the next few months (within the U.S.) and was wondering what the specifications are when it comes to administering OTC medications to my fellow missionaries. This is not a medical mission trip, but as one of a couple nurses going on this trip I was wondering what we are allowed to do should someone be in need of Tylenol or Ibuprofen for example. This is specific to those licensed out of Oklahoma and I need links to current legal specifications if possible. Thank you so much!

applesxoranges specializes in ER.

Is it from your personal supply? Is it from the mission's first aid kit? Are you acting as a nurse on the mission trip or just a general person (like you're just going to build houses or something?)

If it is from your personal supply and someone asks for headache meds, I offer it and ask them how much they want. "Hey, I have some Tylenol. How much do you want?" Obviously, I wouldn't give them more than what is safe or recommended on the bottle. If it is a medical emergency, I would proceed with caution and could consider calling 911.

Administer Meds Without a Doctors Order Proceed With Caution

I would ask the mods to move this to a more appropriate forum where you will get more responses. Not sure how this question ended up in the HIPAA forum.

Double-Helix specializes in PICU, Sedation/Radiology, PACU.

If you bring along your own supply of OTC medications, giving them to your fellow adult travelers who request them would be no different than giving them a piece of candy or a bottle of water.


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