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OSUIT Okmulgee

Today I took my Accuplacer (next generation) and I scored over a 250 in all the areas.!! Would like to communicate with others planning to apply to the LPN-RN program that starts this summer.! I am super excited to get this show on the road! I still Have to take the Kaplan Fundamentals exam April 22nd. The book they have you study is soooo thick and no practice questions... I am going to look around for something with practice question, I feel I learn better that way. Oh well, fingers crossed 🤞

Good luck! I too am applying for the bridge program at OSU Okmulgee. I have submitted my application and taken accuplacer and the Kaplan exam. Just waiting for a letter one way or the other in June

Yes. I didnt Pass the Kaplan exam unfortunately... waiting to see if i got Into the traditional program

Hey, I’m applying to the LPN program as well. I just have to take Reading for the Accuplacer. Can someone let me know what’s best to study for the next generation Accuplacer Reading section ?

Hey.!! Just go to the college board website and do the accuplacer review questions.!! They really help.!

Hey ladies, I was wondering if you remembered your admissions points? I just finished my accuplacer exam and made over 250 on all sections, but I feel like I don't have enough points. 


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