C-5 hairline fracture question

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  3. by   meownsmile
    It depends on where the fracture is. There is always risk of dislocation of the fracture and it would probly cause some pretty severe problems. I think he needs to listen to the doctor that has seen the x-rays and quit being stupid about his health and mobility.
    Does he know how long he needs to "rest". Has he gotten any suggestions from his "doctor" about how long he will need to "rest". Your friends idea of rest may be totally different than the type of rest the doctor felt necissary.

    Remember the saying a fool of a client has himself as a lawyer or something like that?,, Well the same applies here only medically.
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  4. by   alyca
    For our patients, if it is a stable, nondisplaced fracture that is not in danger of becoming displaced, they get a Miami J cervical collar for 12 weeks with limited physical activity. Surgery is not always required, especially for just a hairline fracture.
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    My friend would have no part of it and left the hospital. He's resting at home now, treating himself with a neck brace and pain pills. NOTHING else. I'm worried sick about what might happen to him.
    It is nice of you to worry about your friend, even though he doesn't want to. He really needs to folow up with his PCP, or find someone to followup with.

    You can always use scare tactics. Show him a dermatome chart and explain what a C5 injury would cause. If that doesn't work, and he refuses to seek proper medical care now, he WILL pay for it later in life. At the very least I would expect him to develop arthritis in the area.

    If he still refuses to seek PROPER medical care, stop worrying. It is not your fault he does not have enough sense to help himself stay healthy.