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  1. by   P_RN
    If I were very disciplined Excelsior would be my choice.
    One of my coworkers did the Graceland BSN. It seemed to be less strict, but it took her a long time to get through the modules. I really don't know much about many more.

    I have a BA and an ADN in nursing. My credits are from the 60s and early 70s. I doubt I could recall enough to challenge anything. Funny thing though, the immediate ex director of the BON, The Dean of USC College of Nursing, and the Nursing VIce President of a large hospital, were all in my classes. I doubt they took any more English, Chemistry etc. Anyway I have the ONC and I tack it on sometimes....though I just applied for inactive/retired. Maybe they'll send me another pin and certificate.
  2. by   Ortho_RN
    Well I'm a new Ortho Nurse... Been there for 6months, but had worked on the floor for almost 2yrs as a Aide...

    There are days I love it and days I hate it... I have already hurt my back once, and it still causes me fits every now and then... And as P_RN said i don't feel body mechanics was the cause.. I feel not having enough help to be the major cause... For the most part though I really enjoy the Ortho part of it all..
  3. by   oper_wick
    I am a paramedic who has seen to many shifts, changed gears to a SportsMed/Ortho clinic. I am enjoying myself but I do feel out of sorts you might say. I have a nursing back ground as an LPN, and have worked in an ED for 3 years. But when I started a few months back I had no idea what ACL ment or what a boidex was. I am learning and my peers are understanding but know one is realy teaching. I am glad this board is here I feel I can learn much from the vetrens of Ortho. I am looking for good study/reading material to assist me in my transistion.