Recent ACL/Meniscus/Tibia repair....will I have to drop nursing school?

  1. So back in Feb, I fractured my tibial spine, had a 25% ACL tear, and a lateral meniscus tear. I had surgery to repair the damage in mid-March, and just started PT this week. Due to the extensive injury, my surgeon has been seemingly conservative with my treatment plan, basically telling me that this is my one chance to get it right, so don't mess it up. Here's the plan he gave:
    2 weeks bed rest post op
    start PT at 2 weeks.
    4 weeks non weight bearing post op, then 50% WB for 2 more weeks, then FWB as tolerated
    6 weeks in a leg brace w/ crutches.

    I'm currently at 10-15 degrees extension and 50 degrees flexion. My first 2 goals are to extend my leg more, and to reach 60 degrees flexion. Honestly, it hurts like hell just to get to 50 degrees.

    All the professionals I've been working with (surgeon, PA, PT) have told me that I've got a long road of recovery ahead of me.

    I'm scheduled to start nursing school the last week in August. That puts me at 5.5 months post op/5 months since starting PT when nursing school starts. I need to have my physical completed by my PCP by August 1. I tried to ask my doctor point blank "will I be good to go for nursing school" and he just kind of told me that he can't tell me what I'll be like by then, everyone is know....very non committal.

    I need to pay my non-refundable deposit for nursing school soon. Part of me just wants to pay the deposit and pray I'll be in good shape by August. The other part of me knows that nursing school is competitive and it's not fair take a spot that I might not be able to keep.

    In your experience....will I be okay to start the clinical part of nursing school at 5.5 months post op?
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  3. by   sailornurse
    We can not give medical advice on this website per terms of service. It is best if you speak with your nursing school with the recommendations made by your health care provider.
  4. by   sirI

    You've had a time. Glad you are on the road to recovery.

    As pointed out, per TOS, we cannot possibly offer the medical advice you require. Just keep asking your PCP what he thinks and suggests. Tell him exactly what the situation is for you, just like you did here.

    We wish you well with the remainder of your recovery and hope things work out so you can start your Nursing program.