New orthopedic unit nurse

  1. Hello guys,

    I am an LPN who just had a job offer in an orthopedic unit. I have no experience in this unit. It is an exiting offer for me and I consider it as a great area for growth.
    please will like you guys to let me know the common equipment used in this unit, common procedures performed. And a typical shift for someone working in this unit.

    thanks guys will appreciate all your contributions.
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  3. by   mmc51264
    Walkers, we dont use a lot of crutches. Learn lifts. Lots of assisting to BSC or to bathroom. Learn multi modal pain management plans. We see a lot of diabetics, older pts (falls) so dealing with some AMS/delerium. Pain management is huge. Working with PT/OT is daily Have a good working relationship with your aides, it is going to take two of you many times.
    I love being an ortho nurse, There is lots of opportunities to learn a lot. Many of then have some interesting comorbidities that you have to be able to treat. Learning good body mechanics for yourself is essential too.
    Good Luck! I hope you love it too!!!!
  4. by   shiwoh
    Thanks a lot for the information. This will for sure be of help.
  5. by   Ackeem
    I accepted an offer yesterday for ortho, ortho isn't new for me but this unit is 90 percent elective patients, I'm use to more trauma and acute ortho patients.