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Sorry, I don't want to sound like a whiney baby but, here goes... I need some advice... I was rear ended about 3 years ago by a drunk driver who just didn't think about applying the brakes? ... Read More

  1. by   researchrabbit
    In addition to all the other good advice here, PLEASE see a lawyer about this...maybe you can get some of the treatment paid for. And the lawyer will see you for free -- they work on a percentage basis...it's worth a try.

    And PLEASE see your physician, even if you can't get it paid for -- the suggestions here are excellent.

    Back surgery is a drastic option and (last I heard) about 50% come out better than they went in, which isn't great odds -- but it does work for some -- make sure, if you go this route, to have the surgeon discuss ALL possible ramifications with you.

    Lastly...I know, it's kind of a woo-woo thing ...I'm taking hypnosis classes, and last week we worked on chronic pain -- went over how to do it and then witnessed a session with a woman with chronic lower back pain. She has had hypnosis before and stated that she usually has the hypnotic treatment q 3-4 months. So, it's a temporary fix, not a cure...but a drug free option.

    I will also say that the reason I started the classes is that I worked with a pain control specialist in Kansas who successfully uses hypnosis for cancer pain.

    If you decide to try this, make sure the hypnotist makes you a tape (which you listen to each day) to reinforce the suggestions (don't listen in your car!!! ). And if you find yourself out my way, I'll practice on you and even promise not to make you quack everytime someone says your name...

    PS -- I hypnotized my 6-year-old nephew 2x prior to his recent scar revision surgery and it appeared to allay his anxiety and pre-surgery thirst and hunger (I was more impressed that he wasn't hungry and thirsty actually -- this kid eats like you wouldn't believe)...I tend to be a very skeptical person, but it DOES seem to be helpful.
  2. by   nursegoodguy
    Am I impressed! You guys are great! And yes I will see a doc and do the yoga! I have a dvd with basic yoga described... So I'll start on it!
    Thanks Again!
  3. by   nakitamoon
    Giuseppe,,,,, My prayers are with you,,,, I know about back pain,,,

    !0 years ago,,, I ruptured the disc's between C5/7,,,, I was seen by neurologist for 18 months,,, who never got closer than five feet away from me,,,, ordered PT and drugs,,,,, Standard response from him,,, "your an adult,,, if it hurts don't do it,,, I have no problem giving you drugs,",,,,, well I DID!!!!!!!!!!

    I requested more tests,,,,, the only one he ever looked at was the ER x-rays,,, from day of accident,,, when he did the MRI,,, his words as he threw the film on the table,,,,"your neck is screwed I'm reffering you to Dr,,,,,,,,,,,,, for surgery,,,," will I wouldn't of let this particular Dr. change my tire,,,, let alone operate on me,,,

    I found a great surgeon,,,, Had,,, a bone graft,,, and insertion of plate,,,, recovery was a *****,,,,, and now,, I still get muscle spasms that feel like a knife has been thrust into my shoulder blades,,,, found a wonderful PT,, who has helped loosening the scar tissue,,, and given me great relief,,,,,

    Please see a doctor!!!!!! find out exactly what is going on,,,, then make a decision,,, you may have some pain,,, the rest of your life,,, but a level 3 pain,,,, is soooo much better than 10 or >

    (((((( hugs )))))) let us know! ~~kitamoon