high dependency trauma

  1. Hello all.

    If your workplace was to be opening a new high dependency trauma bay ( within the exisiting orthopaedic unit), what are your suggestions for must have items/ set out / etc.... or what do you wish you did have that you haven't got?
    Thanks for any replies.
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  3. by   91CRN
    Hello, I Am A Trauma Nurse And I Have No Idea What "high Dependency Trauma" Is. Could You Email Me And Clear Up This Question?
  4. by   meownsmile
    Please dont email,, enlighten us all because i have no clue what a High Dependancy Trauma is, let alone why it would be set up in a ortho unit.
    It sounds like a trauma unit for chemical dependant clients, but im hoping its not.
  5. by   jax
    Sorry for all the confusion. I don't work in America or Canada and our use of terminology may be different, or perhaps I 'm not too good at written expression.

    Anyway, I work in a large orthopaedic unit that takes some elective surgery and lots of trauma. The unit is going to be remodelled to accomodate a new unit within a unit for very sick/unstable (high dependency) trauma patients.
    Perhaps similar to a step down unit? ( We don't have one of those so I'm just guessing). I was after any input into our 'wish list' for the new unit. What are those items you wish you had, or just can't live without?

    Is it still as clear as mud?
    thanks all,
  6. by   KK92RN
    I would think you would still be staffed like icu. and need the same equipment. my hospital has a stepdown unit but it is off of icu. they get vent pts and some other stuff. i work ortho/trauma and we get head injuries and the long term traumas but no vents....
  7. by   P_RN
    When we first started handling continuous epidurals (gosh about 86?)the powers that be went all out for an epidural unit.
    It had 4 beds with all the bells and whistles. Capnographs, code cart by each bed, etc etc....well it being coed was not at all acceptable to any kind of patient, so they would go to a regular room near the unit, then they figured out that epidural patients were pretty much the same as ortho regulars, so finally the "epidural unit" was turned into the forensic unit for prisoners to spend post op night one and then back to jail. I'd be interested in knowing how a high dependence trauma unit would be any different from an ICU or stepdown.